Tami Heads to Houston

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A message from Tami Link:

“When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, we all watched helplessly as we saw all the images of flooding. As an animal lover, I was tuned in to all of the animals that had been stranded and separated from their human families. As I watched all the videos of compassionate people using their boats and making their way through flooded neighborhoods scooping up dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, etc. and moving them to safety, I felt the deep need to do something. I had a somatic, visceral sense that I had to get there and I started seeking out how to get to Houston and help. I finally found a group, Best Friends animal rescue, that has set up a large temporary shelter at a sporting complex in Houston. Last I read, they have over 400 dogs and 100 cats at this temporary shelter. People and their pets are being reunited every day. Those that are not claimed within 30 days of their arrival to the shelter will be transported to shelters, foster homes, and new human families who adopt them around the country. This is a massive effort. All those dogs and cats are in kennels and need to be fed, walked, and cared for while they are there.  All next week I will join Best Friends helping in whatever capacity they need me -- dishing out tons of food, many miles of walking dogs, cuddling with kitties, cleaning kennels and everything in between for 10-11 hours a day. 

I am grateful to all my clients, students and places of work who are supporting my taking a week off to follow this desire to help these precious Beings in need.  

In teaching mindful movement, I try to create a space where we can tune into and listen to our bodies, and learn to understand how the body communicates it's feelings and needs. As I mentioned, it was my body that I was listening to, a deep visceral sense that I needed to go to Houston. I felt it in my chest and stomach. My thinking mind came up with all sorts of reasons, "It's too expensive to go.... I don't want to inconvenience my places of work.... disappoint students or clients....It's hotter there than it is here…"  All those voices are loud, but the body whispers something deeper if you become still and listen. And deeply my body said, "Go." Yoga and mindful movement offers a way to practice this tuning into our whole self. 

This Saturday, I will be doing my monthly Down Dogs For Paws yoga donation class before I depart. 100% of money raised will be going to the Best Friends animal rescue group. 

If you cannot make the class, please donate by clicking the button below:

To learn more about Best Friends rescue efforts after Harvey Hurricane as well as their work helping in Florida after Hurrican Irma, go to: