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We make stronger humans in body, mind & spirit.  

Let us help you reach your goals through highly customized individual coaching.




A Brain Based System

Our methods are anything but ordinary. We use a neuro-athletic approach to increase mobility, decrease pain, and develop precise control over movement. 

All personal training clients start with a movement assessment to evaluate mobility and control at every major joint in the body. Together, we devise a plan and begin removing the road blocks that are preventing you from moving well. We strengthen body-brain connections by:

  • Increasing joint range of motion, flexibility, and stability
  • Improving sensation in “disconnected” areas (i.e. areas with scars, sites of past injuries, or surgeries)
  • Improving vision and the vestibular system (yes, these can and need to be trained!)

Many fitness programs out there are focused on beating you up and breaking you down – depriving you of confidence, depleting your energy, and propagating outdated fitness myths.  We believe the “no pain, no gain” mentality is completely outdated. 

Discover how to custom tailor your fitness routines to train efficiently, effectively, and work with your nervous system without “overdosing” on exercise. 


Technique > Tools

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.
— Abraham Maslow

While we enjoy using an assortment of unconventional tools like the kettlebell, steel mace, clubs, rings, and medicine ball, we focus on the fundamentals that bridge the various movement worlds and modalities together.  

Let us help you build and improve foundational movement skills, body positions, and techniques so you can master any tool you come across. 


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More Than Muscle

So, you want to work-out like a pro?  Are you ready to recover like one? 

The modern fitness industry bombards us with the latest and greatest workouts, trends, and hard-core methods that famous athletes or sports teams are using.  What we don’t hear about is the resolute and uncompromising commitment to self-care, rest, sleep, and recovery that successful pro-athletes maintain in order to sustain grueling training programs. Becoming a stronger human means learning how to recover just as hard as you train.